Unlimited Design Options

With a Lifespan® Steel Framed Deck you are only limited to the design you can dream up.   The steel frame provides you with a strong canvas to paint your dream space upon.

  • Solid concrete surface allows for stamping, staining, etching, outdoor tile or pavers.
  • Exterior finishes include but are not  limited to brick, stone, wood and paint.
  • Install any commercial railing system
  • Create a covered porch or storage space since the deck surface provides a weatherproof roof.

Increased Safety

Most importantly, a Lifespan Steel Framed Deck is a safer overall structure than one made of wood or other composite materials. Stronger than decks built from wood that rot and collapse each year, a steel framed deck will save an average of 33 lives in the US each year (according to a published study by Virginia Tech).

  • No splinters! Walk barefoot on your Lifespan Deck!
  • Non-combustible! It does not burn or contribute to the spread of fire.
  • Does not rot! It naturally resists mold & termites.

Maintenance Free

As a Lifespan Steel Framed Deck owner, you’ll no longer have to deal the typical maintenance associated with a wooden deck.  Maintenance for a steel framed deck is very low. Like all structures attached to your home need to be cleaned on a semi-annual to annual basis and all this takes is a little soap and water.

  • No nail pops!
  • No cleaning & resealing!
  • No painting or staining!
  • No splinters! Walk barefoot on your Lifespan Deck without fear of wood splinters

Return on Investment

A Lifespan Steel Framed Deck is an investment in a way that a wooden deck simply cannot match. A wooden deck will only retain its value for at most a decade due to its limited ability to prevent rot, decay and pest infestation. Add to that the annual maintenance cost for cleaning and re-sealing a wood framed deck each year making it a costly affair.   With a Lifespan Deck, such troubles are in the past. A deck with steel structural components will last 10 times as long, preserving the investment and raising the value of your home.

  • Steel has a longer lifespan
  • No maintenance costs
  • Made in the USA!

Steel Deck


We are committed to responsible decision making when it comes to our impact on the environment. We use 100% recycled steel, and because we use no wood, no trees are chopped down to erect a Lifespan Steel Framed Deck. Our decks will last the test of time because they are naturally rot, rust, and insect resistant. Also, they do not require the use of harmful chemical treatments as wood products do to extend their use. This protects the environment from being adversely affected from such chemicals.

  • 100% recycled steel minimizing impact on the environment
  • No annual sealing with harmful chemicals
  • Lifespan Deck parts comply with ASTM A1003 and A653 coated steels, allowing builders to achieve LEED® points by using recycled steel!


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