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Lifespan® Steel Framed Decks & Overhead Storage can be built to support three types of decking materials, Concrete, Composite and Plywood. All Lifespan Deck parts and materials are made in the USA from G-90 galvanized, mill-certified steel. Click one of the links below to find out more about our Lifespan Deck & Storage options.

Lifespan Steel Framed Deck - Concrete Design

Lifespan Steel Framed Deck - Composite Design

Lifespan Steel Framed Deck - Overhead Garage Storage

The Lifespan Composite Deck System has all the charm and advantages of wood without much of the hassle. Our composite deck design allows you to solidly support your choice of composite decking. The Lifespan Concrete Deck System gives you a number of unconventional options for your deck space that resemble more of an indoor or patio living space. Outdoor tile, concrete stamping, and dying give you a variety of design options to fit your unique style. The Lifespan Overhead Garage Storage System provides much needed storage space that is engineered for easy visibility and access to stored items.
Why Steel? Deck Design Options
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